Family Lifestyle photography is …

a wonderful way of capturing a snapshot of your every day lives as a family and telling the story of you and yours. The shoot usually starts at home with you getting ready and then we go off on an adventure. We can visit the park, the zoo, the beach, play in the garden or some other favourite place.  Then we can come back home and bake a cake or sit on the floor and build Lego towers or do a jigsaw puzzle. You can play hide and seek, twister or have a game of football in the garden. You can play dress up and whoosh your child around like a super hero. And then to calm things down you can finish by sitting and reading stories, cuddling up on the sofa or under the blanket fort you made earlier. It’s all about natural fun and laughter and creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Is it all totally un-posed?

We will also add  a few directed photographs at some point where I will get you all throwing leaves in the air, walking along the beach together or laying on the bed reading a book but I will rarely highly pose anything in a lifestyle family session. Your children will have spent the time having so much fun and will have gotten used to me being there so by this time smiles will be natural and a child that hates having their photograph taken will have realised that it is really nothing to be scared of. So it is also the ideal shoot for children that have any kind of anxiety around being in a studio or having their photograph taken or being around strange people and strange places.

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