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Family photography in the studio is for you if you would like a show piece image to hang on your wall. Whether it be one of your whole family together or of your children alone. It is very different to a Lifestyle family shoot which is more suitable for you if you prefer more natural images, have a rather large family or want to tell the story of your day to day as a family. It’s a lot more posed and planned with chairs to sit on and a direction to face. If it is something that works for you I do add in some relaxed fun at the end with coloured confetti or snow if it’s Christmas.

On the day

I can fit up to 4 people (plus 1 baby) in my studio at one time and offer both individual portraits plus family portraits. You are welcome to bring a few changes of clothes for children but please do be aware that children often do not like to change clothes so please keep the changes to a minimum. I set aside more than enough time in your shoot to factor in snacks and when children simply need to have a break. It’s an exhaustive thing for children to be in a photography studio! This is why I have the confetti session at the end. It brings natural smiles and laughter and children have something to look forward to at the end. It is so very much fun and when I have repeat clients at the studio I always get asked when I will be getting the snow out. Please note if your child is still at the ‘putting everything in its mouth’ phase I won’t use polystyrene balls but may use paper confetti. If a child is very small I won’t use any.

To find out more about booking a studio family photography session go here.